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Hungary begins work on border fence to keep out migrants World 13 Jul 2015 Hungarian soldiers prepare the ground for construction of the first section of the country's border fence. Photograph: Csaba Segesvari/AFP/Getty Images. hungary has begun building a fence on the country's southern border with Serbia, intended to stem the unprecedented flow of migrants. The government said on Monday that soldiers had begun working on a 150m (490ft) “sample section” on the outskirts of the town of Morahalom, where a bulldozer and other heavy 

Satellite Images Show Dramatic Impact Of Hungary's Border 18 Sep 2015 New satellite images obtained by Amnesty International show the dramatic impact of hungary's decision to close its borders as thousands of migrants and refugees make their way to northern Europe. On Tuesday, hungary sealed its southern border, blocking a critical gateway to Europe for the thousands of men, women and children fleeing war and poverty in their home nations. officials put a 108-mile fence in place along the border, and used a train carriage 

Photographer Captures Refugee Chaos as Hungary's Border is 15 Sep 2015 A Hungarian military unit patrols the border with Serbia this week, which hungary has closed with a new fence to stem the flow of about 4,000 asylum seekers a day, largely from Syria. Photograph New pictures by American photojournalist Lianne Milton give a sense of the chaos and confusion at the hungary-Serbia border this week, where Hungarian authorities are trying to stem the flow of people escaping from Syria and other parts of the Middle East. Milton has 

Hungary to Build (Another) Border Fence – Foreign Policy 24 Feb 2017 (Photo by Arpad Kurucz/Getty Images). The Hungarian government wants to make doubly sure no unwanted persons enter its territory en route to Western Europe. On Thursday, the government announced it would begin construction of a fence along the country's border with Serbia — the same 109-mile border it has already fenced off. The government also said earlier this month it plans to build a 400-bed temporary housing facility for asylum-seekers out of shipping 

Hungary completes new anti-migrant border fence with Serbia 28 Apr 2017 hungary says it has finished building a second fence on the border with Serbia to keep migrants out. fences went up along the southern borders with Serbia and Croatia in 2015 after an estimated 400,000 migrants and refugees, many from the Middle East, passed through the country heading for Western Europe. The first section of hungary: Second anti-refugee and migrant fence built along Serbian border pic.twitter/Zy88O6YD0N.

5 European Countries Have Built Border Fences to Keep Out 16 Sep 2015 Over the last few weeks, hastily erected razor-wire fences have made headlines as they've appeared along hungary's border to keep out refugees fleeing war-torn countries. Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and now hungary have all built their versions of the anti-immigrant fence along parts of their borders. Migrants wait behind a fence to pass the borders from the northern Greek town of Idomeni, to southern Macedonia (AP Photo/Giannis Papanikos) 

Hungarian Border 'Smart Fence' Violates Rights, Says NGO 4 Jul 2017 After Belgrade media reported that the Hungarian government is testing an electrified border fence to deter migrants, a Serbian NGO said the move was a violation of human rights. Maja Zivanovic. BIRN. Belgrade. The Hungarian-Serbian border fence. Photo: Wikimedia/Délmagyarország/Schmidt Andrea. After Belgrade newspaper Politika reported on Tuesday that the Hungarian government is testing an electrified 'smart fence' on the border with Serbia, the Belgrade 

Hungary builds new high-tech border fence - with few migrants in sight 2 Mar 2017 “REASSURING”. Only 10 km (six miles) of the new structure has been completed but officials say the remaining 140 km (85 miles) along the border with Serbia will be finished in just two months, built largely by 700 prison inmates. Slideshow (10 Images). hungary's populist Prime Minister Viktor Orban has called mass immigration from the Middle East and Africa an existential threat to the European way of life. “The first fence was a quick solution from the government, 

Austria lays groundwork for Hungarian border fence - Reuters 20 Sep 2016 VIENNA (Reuters) - Austria has begun laying a base on which a fence could quickly be erected along a 1.8 kilometre (1.2 mile) stretch of its border with hungary, next to the crossing that hundreds of thousands of migrants used during a wave of arrivals a year ago. A fence is pictured in front of an open migrant camp in Vamosszabadi, hungary, August 30,2016. Picture taken on August 30 2016. REUTERS/Laszlo Balogh. The preparations, which involve burying 

Hungary building second border fence to stop migrants 27 Feb 2017 In this April 2016 photo, Hungarian soldiers build a temporary protective fence on the border with Serbia near Kelebia, southeast of Budapest. hungary has begun building a second fence, a government spokesman confirmed on Feb. 27, 2017. (Zoltan Gergely Kelemen / Associated Press). hungary has begun building a second fence on its border with Serbia to stop migrants from freely entering the country, the government said Monday. The government spokesman's 

Drone footage of migrants and refugees travelling to Europe, in An unprecedented 670,000 people, mainly fleeing conflict in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, have flooded into Europe so far this year in the continent's worst crisis of its kind since World War II. The majority cross from Turkey into Greece and then on through the Balkans with the aim mostly of getting to Germany. Faced with a huge influx over the summer, hungary clamped down on its border with Serbia, prompting the refugees to switch into Croatia which in turn imposed border controls, 

Hungary races to build border fence as migrants keep coming - BBC 6 Aug 2015 Image caption Prisoners are being used to make the barrier. Despite the television cameras, many look glad to have a change from the boredom of prison life, showing off their physical strength, and stealing a wink at female reporters. This will be the skeleton of the border fence. In another factory nearby, unseen by journalists, more inmates put together coils of of razor-wire - 'Nato wire' as it is known in Hungarian - for assembly down on the southern border.