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Garage Floor Epoxy Kits Epoxy flooring coating and - ArmorGarage armor Chip Floors are guaranteed for 10 years against "Hot Tire Lifting" and related damages such as yellowing, fading and cracking! armor Chip is the ONLY product of it's kind guaranteed against Wear For 5 Years! Don't be fooled by exaggerated so called lifetime guarantees that exclude everything but peeling and are next to impossible to comply with. Plus they offer no guarantee against wear because they can't, their abrasion loss ratings are too high which means their epoxies 

About Armor Garage Epoxy Flooring and Garage Flooring About armor garage Epoxy Flooring and garage Flooring. armorgarage started out with humble beginnings and has grown into one of the Country's leading supplier of high performance premium grade epoxy coatings and flooring products. Everything we manufacture and sell direct to you is either heavy duty or extra heavy duty, that is our mantra, make everything to last as long as physically possible! We've thoroughly tested everything we sell on ourselves, our families and friends.

Protective Clear Coating For Garage Floor Tiles Armor Garage Heavy duty protective coating and special additive are designed to bond to PVC garage tiles and prevent tire staining. Pin It. Description; Application Instructions; reviews. Tile Protective Coating & Additive. armor Tile Protective Coating is a clear, urethane-type coating specifically designed to be applied to armor Tile floors. As you can see in the above images especially the before and after shots of the black tiles in the Firehouse it adds a protective gloss sheen to the surface.

Armor-Kote Garage Floors - 117 Photos & 58 Reviews - Flooring 58 reviews of armor-Kote garage Floors "Great job from start to finish. I requested a quote via yelp and received a prompt reply. Shane Amazing product and service! I have only had the coating in my garage for a few days so time will tell, but I had a great experience with the installation and love the result. Very professional and on time. They were done in half a day on a four car garage and I was walking on it next day. I also like the fact that they diamond grind and vacuum, and not 

We Review an ArmorPoxy SPGX Garage Floor Coating Install All 17 Aug 2017 When Eric from the windy city of Chicago discovered that armorPoxy was offering this new coating at a discounted price for a limited time, he eagerly took the opportunity to try it out and give SPGX a review. Up until . However, I could not find any review on the armor garage products and wondering if you have any thoughts on them. I'm specifically looking at armor Chip which you can find it here: /garage-epoxy-floor-chip-kit.html. Thanks 

Testimonials - ArmorGarage NO ONE SAYS IT BETTER THAN OUR CUSTOMERS! THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO TOOK THE TIME TO SEND US AN EMAIL ABOUT THEIR PROJECT AND THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ THE reviews. TO LEAVE A REVIEW/TESTIMONIAL JUST EMAIL US AT INFOarmorgarage.COM. armorgarage Customer Feedback! First of all, we used your product in our laundry room including the military top coat to cover VCT. I LOVE YOUR product! It looks great 

Comparison Chart of Epoxy Floor Coatings Epoxy - ArmorGarage Comparison chart between top selling armorgarage epoxy floor kits and other epoxy coatings. Know the difference before The numbers tell you everything and we explain exactly what each number means so you can see for yourself why armor garage floors are the best. A few minutes on this Some epoxy products that are described as Industrial/Commercial Grade have a Taber C-17 Abrasion loss rating of 24mg or higher compared to our loss ratings. The difference between an 

Kitchen & Bathroom Countertop Refinishing Kits Armor Garage I just had to let you know how pleased I am with your product. I have 1980's formica counters that were in pretty good shape but they just looked old and outdated. I have tried two different products and was not happy with the results. I was about to give up and shell out money for new counters when I found your website. What luck! I purchased the brownstone kit. When I first applied the granite paint I thought I received the wrong color but when it dried it looked amazing. I cannot tell you 

armor garage tile light Light Duty garage Floor Tiles. armortile-Light Duty tiles are made in the same high quality way as our 1/4" heavy duty tiles but are 3/16" thick versus 1/4" thick. They're perfect for residential and light commercial use as a less expensive option. armortile-LT tiles are made with 100% Prime Virgin PVC and have a Lifetime Warranty against any and all defects that is assumable and transferable. So if you relocate and take your tiles with you the warranty goes with the tile! These tiles 

ArmorGarage The armorgarage Way. Is to make everything to be the most durable product of its kind and be easy to self install with the best looking finish possible. Our products are used and approved by all branches of the US Military, Fortune 500 Companies, US Coast Guard, Work Shops and Home Owners worldwide. The following are just a few of our best sellers that you can find at top of the page: garage Floor Epoxy Coatings with the longest lasting new look high gloss finish available.

Armor Granite Garage Floor Epoxy Kit - ArmorGarage With 3 coats of high gloss clear topcoat armor Granite's garage floor epoxy finished look and durability cannot be matched by store bought products or any other online epoxies such as cycloaliphatics which yellow and wear out easily. Cycloaliphatic and water based epoxies have a common problem they both have high abrasion loss ratings. For abrasion loss ratings you want the number to be as low as possible. Anything over 20 is not durable. Applying a clear version of the same 

Armor Chip Garage Epoxy Flooring Kit 550 Square Feet - Amazon garage Epoxy Flooring For Easy Do It Yourself Application. armor Chip garage epoxy floor kits are designed with the first time epoxy novice in mind. We make it easy and straight forward for you to get professional results at a fraction of the cost. We use only 100% military grade resins, hardeners, polymers, pigments and absolutely no water to make our epoxies. Which means you get the best looking high gloss garage floor that is Hot Tire Lifting proof and with the best 

Heavy Tonnage Epoxy Floors ArmorGarage Description; Color Chart; Coverage; reviews. This is a complete turnkey package that you order by the square foot. There is a 500 SF minimum on this product and you must order in 100 sf increments. Your package will come with rollers, mixers, primer, epoxy, nonslip additive and heavy duty squeegee. The first two images above are of a Crop production Services facility where they handle large trucks filled with heavy and caustic fertilizer. Our HV100 industrial epoxy system is they