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Small Swimming Pools Small Pools Compact Home Pool Last week's heat sparked a lot of interest in home swimming pools. Pool firms saw a spike in inquiries-- sure to continue when the heat repeats. But few homeowners have the space, deep pockets and commitment to care that a full-size pool or long lap pool demands. And a spa won't give you the space to exercise or float. An elegant solution? The "wave pool". A favorite in the genre is the Endless Pool, a scaled-down version of the wave pools at theme parks. Seen at home shows, 

15 Great Small Swimming Pools Ideas Home Design Lover A small swimming pool is a great idea if we have limited space but still desire to have a beautiful exterior and outdoor space. Indeed, there are many swimming pool ideas which can provide smart shape to save more space in the house. But of course we need to consider the idea that even if its small in size but still it is attractive, unique and offer a more relaxing space in the house. As we all know, that even a little swimming pool provides a lot of fun and enjoyment for the entire family 

23+ Small Pool Ideas to Turn Backyards into Relaxing Retreats 10 Apr 2015 We always believed size is relative; what might be a lavish, generous home for some ,might seem like a modest, mundane affair to others. A backyard swimming pool is not too different in this regard — those who don't have one, often crave for at least a small pool that allows to cool off on a hot summer day. Adding a petite pool to your small backyard shouldn't be a challenging and complex affair, but the result will often leave you amazed, as you will discover a brand 

Swimming pool - Wikipedia Home swimming pools became popular in the United States after World War II and the publicity given to swimming sports by Hollywood films such as Esther Williams' Million Dollar Mermaid made a home pool a desirable status symbol. More than 50 years later, the home or residential swimming pool is a common sight. Some small nations enjoy a thriving swimming pool industry (e.g., New Zealand pop. 4,116,900 [Source NZ Census 7 March 2006] – holds the record in pools per 

9 Great Small Swimming Pool Filters For Dirt-Free Water (PROS People like to swim, or at the very least enjoy time spent lounging poolside. Perhaps have pool parties, entertaining friends and colleagues. Outside of cities, many would love to own their own pools. Because of space constraints and a lack of knowledge, most also believe that they can't be pool owners. The thought of putting in an in-ground pool into a backyard may be daunting. Not everyone is aware that they can maximize the use of their space by adding a small pool to their 

40 Pool Designs - Ideas for Beautiful Swimming Pools 28 Apr 2017 From a Tuscan-style retreat to an all-natural swimming pond, these designer pools make a splash. Steal our favorite patio and landscaping ideas too for the ultimate backyard getaway. View Gallery 40 Photos. 1 of 40. Jonny Valiant. Privet Hedge. Besides a quartet of cozy loungers, clipped boxwood and a tall privet hedge dress up Gregory Shano's pool. Alfresco meals are served on neighboring terrace, outside the poolhouse. Advertisement - Continue Reading 

Spruce Up Your Small Backyard With A Swimming Pool – 19 Design 21 May 2014 Trying to find a way to make your backyard more attractive and interesting? Try adding a swimming pool. It's the perfect feature to turn a boring backyard into a major attraction for the whole family. It'll always be great for entertaining guests. And don't give up the idea just because your backyard is small. There.