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Tredgrip - DRIVE Marine Services crumbed rubber particles incorporated providing excellent non skid properties. It exceeds australian Standards for non-slip Coatings and has high elasticity and very good tensile strength making it an ideal coating for boats. It will not take skin off feet and hands if a person trips, unlike non skid paints containing solids. TREDGRIP is hardwearing & decorative when renovating exterior areas on boats, around pools, factory / warehouse floors, decking stairways, steps and walkways.

OSMO Anti-Slip Decking Oil - Solid Timber Flooring The need for anti-slip coatings is becoming marked. Decks are a logical area where anti slip coatings make a difference. The fact is that decks get wet so anything that improves traction is a good idea. Many people have decks near a pool area and again improved traction underfoot is a great idea. The other issue with decks is trying to stop fading. The harsh australian sunlight can cause decks to fade quickly. The solution? Use one coat UV protection oil and then overcoat with Anti 

Treadmaster M Slip Resistant Deck Covering - Independent Living independent Living Centres australia (ILCA) does not design or make products. ILCA cannot guarantee that all information given is correct. Prices shown are a rough guide. Some products may incur GST. Check with suppliers for up-to-date prices. The display of products at an ILCA centre, or details given in print, is only for your information. It is not a recommendation. You should always get professional advice when choosing products. The person choosing the product is responsible 

Tredgrip Rubberised Non Slip Coating - Direct Paint Australia's Tredgrip Rubberised non slip Coating. $37.00. For 1lt. SKU: 075541. Availability: in stock. Product Description: Easy and Safe application - Enviro-friendly; Available in a range of colours - Low sheen finish; Compatible with line marking - Can be overcoated; Use Tredprime as primer for adhesion for older concrete surfaces before applying Tredgrip. Product Tip: Commonly used on tennis courts, public access ramps, boat decks, patios, pool surrounds, and disabled care facilities.

Tredgrip AI Coatings Tredgrip is a water based non slip coating that is ideal for domestic and light commercial applications. Once fully cured, Tredgrip non slip coatings have a tough, rubberised, textured finish. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces including timber, fibreglass, concrete, and steel. Low sheen, non abrasive, tough and durable, Tredgrip has excellent weathering properties making it ideal for outdoor application. Tredgrip is available in a variety of different colours (see colour swatch on right) 

Non Slip Paint Seton Australia Heavy duty textured anti slip coatings for exterior/interior come in both clear and colour finishes specially formulated to reduce the risk of slips. It provides a tough anti slip layer to a variety of surfaces including brick, concrete, slate, clay, pavers, unglazed tiles, sandstone, fiberglass and primed metal.

Anti Slip Floor Treatment Non Slip Floors Coating & Paint Perth The harsh australian light requires that we use appropriate decking coatings to protect the timber surface. Making the wrong choice in selection of coating can mean that you have to do a lot more maintenance than is practical. Unfortunately this has even caused some people to use plastic decking. in reality though what people really want is good solid timber. Rest easy, you can use solid timber for your deck. Oil that has the right characteristics to protect the timber is available.

Non Slip Decking Composite Decking PermaTimber® non-slip decking. non slip pool decking composite maintenance free. slips, trips and falls have been estimated to cost australia an astonishing $3 Billion a year, but the financial cost is dwarfed by the cost in human injuries and even death. in fact one in five emergency room visits are due to slips and falls, which also account for more than a quarter of all insurance payouts. Wet areas like pools are a particular hazard. It's little wonder then, that governments around the country are 

Products Ceramabond Pty Ltd Anti-Slip Products - Perth Ceramabond Pty Ltd has been manufacturing anti-slip products for over 20 years and are one of the largest companies in australia supplying these products. non slip Stair Treads. Anti-slip Nosing for Concretre; Mining Stair Nosing; Abrasive Nosing; CB Nosing; NAB Anti-slip Nosing; Chequer Plate Nosing; RUFAZEL Nosing; industrial Stair Nosing; industrial Stair Safety; Ceramabond Fastner A range of Anti-slip Metal Strips are manufactured as an alternative to full decking.

Vigil Antislip Antislip Products for Industry Your only long term cost-effective antislip solution – guaranteed. Explore how we can help you. industrial Solutions Commercial Solutions. Vigil Antislip is your most cost effective insurance against the deaths, injuries and trauma that accompany workplace accidents attributed to slips, trips and falls. Like our page on Facebook 

Dino Grip Australia decking Strips. decking Strips. Anti slip decking Strips have been designed for DIY projects and simply screw on to the existing boards. Stair Treads. Stair Treads. Dino Grip Stair Treads are the ultimate choice for dealing with potential slip hazards on steps. Mini Stair Tread · Stair Nosings. Stair Nosings. Dino Grip Stair Nosings are the ultimate choice for dealing with potential slip hazards on steps. Flat Sheets. Flat Sheet. Flat Sheet. Dino Grip Anti-slip Flat Sheets are prefabricated 

Slip Resistant Applications - Independent Living Centres Australia in this section you will find information on slip resistant applications which can be applied to a variety of surfaces in and around your home to increase their slip resistance. 70 products found, currently showing products 1 - 30. ← Previous 1 2 3 Next →