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UAC Lattice Brochure (2012) - UFCC Rust-proof (no metal staples). • More economical than other timber products. • Relatively light in weight. • Fire resistant. PRODUCT COMPOSITION. UCO lattice is specially engineered to give optimum balance between strength and appearance. This decorative sheet is made from Portland cement, specially treated cellulose fibres and refined sand. DURABILITY. UCO lattice is resistant to water penetration, will not rot and is unaffected by termites, insects or vermin. For applications 

Fencing - Ring's End Ring's End offers many types of fences in many styles and materials, from a classic picket fence made from weather-resistant vinyl to a rustic post and rail fence made from premium grade cedar. Types of fencing; Materials; The fencing We Stock; The in building architectural features such as gazebos and pergolas. Ring's End offers cedar and pressure-treated wood lattice panels in diagonal and square designs, cedar lattice top panels, and easy-maintenance vinyl lattice panels.

Fencing - Curtis Lumber Co., Inc. eShowroom Pickets: Created as a system, or constructed on-site, picket fences consist of a structural post, two horizontal rails to which are attached the pickets — vertical strips often with a pointed tip. Frequently 4-foot tall wood lattice: Panels consist of criss-crossed strips of lath between two posts. Used around pools, in Redwood has natural oils that make it resistant to insects and rot so it will not be treated with chemicals and it will have a 20 to 25 year lifespan. Redwood also is lighter than