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Creative high-rise balcony ideas - porch apartment highrise Ask Creative high-rise balcony ideas. September 11, 2005 7:55 AM Subscribe. Creative, functional, even fanciful uses for an east-facing 5' x 9' 23rd floor apartment balcony? The balcony is carpeted, and protected from the wild world outside by a 42" high railing with sheet metal panneling that throws a considerable amount of shade after 10am. I am in Canada, so apartment gardening is somewhat of an option. Are there weatherproof options for outdoor storage? For the moment, all I have 

Condo and High Rise Flooring Ideas - 123 Remodeling 24 Sep 2013 This is one of the most popular type of floor covering available. Carpet is available in a wide variety of colors, styles and quality and frequently installed in the living room and bedrooms. Carpet provides a cozy feel through the house and general even provides warmth, however we do not recommend installing carpet in high-traffic areas like doorways, as it will become worn and dirty. Another area we recommend not to install carpet is in the Kitchen or Bathroom since it 

Non-slip surface on high-rise balcony captures dirt! How to clean? 30 Apr 2017 I live in a 14 year old high-rise condominium that just had concrete renovations/sealing made to the building, to prevent future problems. What I didn't know was they were going to replace our normal, smooth-cement surface with on our covered balconies with the same paint-on, anti-slip material that

Do you actually use your condo balcony? - The Globe and Mail 19 Jun 2013 Brad Lamb, Toronto's condo king, has a huge outdoor terrace attached to his condo, but almost never goes out there. "It's over 3,000 square "Especially when the deck space is coming off the living space, it's used at a very high level." The notional value of a Kesik says that even an unused balcony costs its owner money and comfort, because most are extensions of the interior concrete floor, with no thermal breaks to prevent heat loss. They chill the inside floor in 

Highrise Condo Balcony Ideas Houzz high-rise Condo. 4.9K Saves 5 Questions. The transformation of this high-rise condo in the heart of San Francisco was literally from floor to ceiling. Studio Becker custom built everything from the bed and shoji screens to the interior doors and wall panelingand of course the kitchen, baths and wardrobes! It's all Studio Becker in this master bedroom - teak light boxes line the ceiling, shoji sliding doors conceal the walk-in closet and house the flat screen TV. Embed Email Question.

Woman takes fatal leap from 40th floor of Manhattan high-rise - NY Stephanie D'Aramon jumped from the 40th-floor of a high-rise on 72nd St. near FDR Drive on Sunday. (Facebook). BY Edgar Sandoval Laura Dimon. NEW YORK DAILY NEWS. Updated: Sunday, October 15, 2017, 5:37 PM. A 44-year-old woman jumped to her death Sunday morning from a friend's 40th-floor Upper East Side apartment, cops said. Stephanie D'Aramon dangled for a few moments before leaping from the balcony of the high-rise on 72nd St. near FDR Drive about 10:20 

Balcony safety in high-rise living Inquirer Business 24 May 2014 balcony safety in high-rise living. By: Isabel Berenguer Asuncion WITH MOST buildings now being built to reach the sky, developers of high-rise commercial and residential developments promote the views as their major selling point. While other balconies are mere These are the isolated incidents that sow fear in anyone living a few stories off the ground: accidents, deliberate jump-offs, and “falls” stemming from altered states of mind. All real hazards and threats 

6 Things About High-Rise Condos Only People With Fear of Heights 28 Sep 2016 How can anyone live hundreds of feet from the ground? high-rise condos have the reputation of being not too friendly with people suffering from an extreme case of acrophobia or fear of heights, one of the most common phobias known to man. After all, how do you expect such people to enjoy the view from the balcony? Acrophobics, depending on the level of fear, have an enhanced natural fear of falling. When they are in high places, they feel anxious and 

Concrete Balcony Carpet - Carpet and Rug Institute 12 Oct 2015 deterioration of outdoor concrete balconies. Numerous instances have been cited in which various tile products have been installed over concrete and when the old tile is removed, the concrete underneath has completely deteriorated. The tile has completely masked the problem hidden underneath. In situations where problems are suspected, carpet is the easiest floor covering to remove for inspection. According to several specialists in the field of high- rise balcony 

STRUCTURE magazine Balcony Issues in High-Rise Buildings To differentiate between balconies and decks, the 2006 International Building Code defines an exterior balcony as “an exterior floor projecting from and supported by a structure without additional supports” and defines an exterior deck as “an exterior floor system By that time, the typical structure of the NYC high-rise apartment building was the “concrete flat slab” and, as a consequence, the typical balcony has since been a concrete cantilever, usually not wider than 4 or 5 feet.

Mechanism for the Upward Fire Spread through Balconies - IAFSS spread for over 12 floors through balconies in a high-rise apartment complex is reported. The experiments floor. KEYWORDS: upward fire spread, PMMA, balconies. INTRODUCTION. A fire which started in an apartment unit on the 9Ih floor of a 20 story apartment complex in Hiroshima-City in the afternoon, 28Ih October 1996, developed to the 20th floor through the .. such flames which were tall enough to cover the fence of the upper floor is believed as the main factor to maintain 

The worst things about apartment living: High-rise hell - News.au 28 Jun 2017 high-rise living can be attractive for many families because the buildings are often close to the city and a short distance from museums and other activities, supermarkets or work. There's also less maintenance required for gardens or exteriors. But parents also need to deal with the dangers of city traffic and kids playing on balconies several storeys off the ground. Lack of space can also be an issue if you have a toddler so getting outside is essential. It's more difficult to