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Performance enhancement of sandwich panels with honeycomb The concept of combining metallic honeycomb with folded thin metallic sheets (corrugation) to construct a novel core type for lightweight sandwich structures is proposed. .. Figure 3 compares the compressive strength and energy absorption of the honeycomb–corrugation hybrid sandwich cores (HBC) with other competing cores, including 304 stainless steel square honeycomb (SH) [16], aluminum foam-filled 304 stainless steel corrugations (FC) [12], 304 stainless steel empty 

Toyota adopts lightweight honeycomb solution based on - EconCore Toyota adopts lightweight honeycomb solution based on EconCore's ThermHex technology for latest hybrid model Prius PHV. [Published on: 21-09-17]. Japanese automotive OEM Due to its combination of strength and rigidity and optimized material performance, the ultra-low weight honeycomb delivers weight savings of 50 % as a core part inside the trunk cover compared to previous conventional material set-ups based on cardboard and metal. This specific trunk cover part was 

Aluminum Honeycomb, PP Honeycomb, Honeycomb Panels Aluminum honeycomb is a lightweight core material offering excellent strength and corrosion resistance for industrial, architectural and transportation applications. Can be perforated. Read more · Aramid Fiber. Plascore aramid fiber honeycomb is manufactured from DuPont Nomex® or Kevlar® paper (or equivalent) and can be coated with a heat resistant phenolic resin for high performance racing and aerospace applications. Read more · Stainless steel. Stainless steel honeycomb 

Honeycomb Panels - Plascore Plascore honeycomb panels. Light, Strong, Tough, Cost-Effective. Building Products. Plascore honeycomb panels provide a flat, stiff, stable structure for use in building as a backing material to metal, glass, stone, and other decorative surfaces. Typical Panel Options. Skin Materials: • Aluminum. • Stainless steel. • High Pressure Laminate. • Glass/Epoxy Prepreg. • G10 Fiberglass. • For other materials, please contact us. Skin Finishes: • Clear Epoxy Primer. • Mill Finish. • Bond and/or 

Honeycomb Panel, Aluminum Honeycomb Panel, Aluminum Clean room panels; Exterior architectural curtain wall panels; Air, water, fluid, and light directionalisation; Heating, ventilation, air conditioning; Electric shielding enclosures; Acoustic attenuation. Aluminum honeycomb Core. An extensive range of cores is available for HONYLITE<sup>TM</sup> honeycomb panels, ALUMINIUM, STAINLESS steel, POLYCARBONATE, POLYPROPOLENE and ARAMID IMPREGNATED PAPER to special application CARBON IMPREGNATED types. All the cores&nbsp;

Steel panels - EconCore steel panels. Innovative Composite panels with steel Skins steel sounds heavy already as we hear the word, but ways to make it lighter are now available. It is not a modification of the material as such but the smart hybridizing of steel with a lightweight honeycomb structure that makes “steel” less massive. steel is one of the most common engineering materials in the world. It is a fundamental resource used in a variety of industries for constructing buildings, infrastructure, tools, ships,&nbsp;

Honeycomb structure - Wikipedia 1890 Julius Steigel invents the honeycomb production process from corrugated metal sheets. 1901 Hans Heilbrun invents the hexagonal paper honeycombs and the expansion production process. 1914 R. Höfler and S. Renyi patent the first use of honeycomb structures for structural applications. 1915 Hugo Junkers patents the first honeycomb cores for aircraft application. 1931 George Thomson proposes to use decorative expended paper honeycombs for lightweight plasterboard&nbsp;

HoneyComb Products – ALLCOMB ALLCOMB specializes in honeycomb technology with a range of products such as micro-aperture honeycomb core, aluminum honeycomb core, honeycomb energy absorbers, stainless steal honeycomb, honeycomb ventilation panels and aluminum honeycomb panels. honeycomb energy absorbers are used in a wide variety of applications such as vehicle impact barriers, head impact protection, light armored vehicles, train buffers, elevator/lift protection and ballistic testing.

Honeycomb Panels, Honeycomb Cores - Plascore Light, Strong, Tough, Cost-Effective. Plascore honeycomb panels are a high-strength, lightweight material that provide efficient mechanical performance. Our lightweight panels are an excellent alternative to monolithic materials (e.g., solid aluminum, wood and steel) as well as panels with traditional core materials such as plywood, balsa, and foam. Available in a wide range of sheet sizes and facings, our honeycomb panels are designed for ease of use in many common applications&nbsp;

Rigidized for the Marine Industry - Rigidized Metals Rigidized <sup>®</sup> Metals Textured Aluminum Bulkhead Panel, • Light weight aluminum-faced honeycomb sandwich panel • Face and back are chem-treated, mill finish aluminum sheet • One or both sides of the panel has a Rigidized <sup>®</sup> Metals textured pattern. Rigidized <sup>®</sup> Metals Stainless steel Bulkhead Panel, • A lightweight sandwich panel with stainless steel face • Choice of stainless steel or chem-treated, mill finish aluminum backer • Choice of stainless alloy (304, 316 or other) and&nbsp;

Laser Welded Corrugated Steel Panels in Industrial Applications corrugated core steel panels are an effective way to reduce weight and increase stiffness of steel structures. In numerous applications, these panels have shown very promising commercial possibilities. This study presents the design, manufacturing and commercializing process for two practical examples: Case 1) a fly wheel cover for a diesel engine and Case 2) rotationally symmetrical panel for an electric motor. Test materials of various kinds were used for corrugated cores and&nbsp;

ThermHex - EconCore Folded honeycomb from a continuous thermoplastic sheet. ThermHex PP honeycomb panels are a proven solution, realized by a number of EconCore's licensees based all over the world, outperforming conventional corrugated plastic boards and PP cup shaped (bubble) panels. The advantages of ThermHex lightweight sandwich panels may be produced directly in-line with the core production by direct in-line lamination of skins onto the ThermHex honeycomb core. Sandwich&nbsp;