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Brazil Looks To Build A 10,000-Mile Virtual Fence : Parallels : NPR 16 May 2013 brazil's economic growth has brought about more illegal immigration and drug trafficking, so the country is hoping to make its borders more secure. But the experience in the U.S. shows that it can be a difficult undertaking.

Build a park, not a wall: Group pitches plan for public access at U.S. 4 Nov 2017 Instead of a border wall, the small, all-volunteer organization Friends of Friendship Park envisions a binational park and pedestrian port of entry at the westernmost end of the 1969-mile U.S.-Mexico border.

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Brazilian authorities build temporary wall to quell deadly prison 22 Jan 2017 Workers place a container to separate two factions of drug gangs during an uprising at Alcacuz prison in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte state, brazil, January 21, 2017. REUTERS/Nacho Doce. The rusty red containers were hauled into the Alcacuz prison yard in northeastern brazil, with officials aiming to finish the temporary wall, stacking one container atop another, by sundown Sunday. It is a desperate move for security officials struggling to keep control of Alcacuz, 

You can build a wall -- except here, a river runs through it 30 Jan 2017 The difficulties of building near a waterway — and the clashing opinions about a wall — are all on display here in Texas' southern tip. Cameron, 39, runs Texas border Tours, which caters to outdoor enthusiasts, in Progreso Lakes, about 40 miles west of Brownsville. He pointed to border Patrol cameras and observation towers. Robert Cameron stands on the south side of the border fence in Progreso Lakes, where he does tours for people who want to see the border 

Border issue moves into landowners' yards - Los Angeles Times 8 Dec 2007 said he would give landowners 30 days to indicate whether they would allow federal officials on their land to survey its suitability for fencing. If they decline, he said, he would turn to the courts to gain temporary access. If the agency determines the land is appropriate for fencing and landowners refuse to cooperate, the department will turn to the courts to get title. "The door is still open to talk, but it's not open for endless talk," Chertoff said of the time landowners have to 

Here are the problems that await President Trump in Latin America 26 Jan 2017 As leader of the free world, he also faces a deepening recession in brazil, an economic disaster in Venezuela, a desperate migrant crisis in Central America and potential return to frosty relationship with Cuba. . On Thursday, Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto canceled his meeting with Trump after the US President announced sweeping measures to begin construction on a border wall that Mexico has repeatedly expressed no interest in having or paying for.

Walled world: How walls are springing up to divide populations 19 Nov 2013 Physical barriers along the huge US/Mexico border were few and far between and enforcement patchy until the Clinton administration began a crackdown around the main urban crossing points. These started with the operations Hold the Line, between El Paso and Ciudad Juárez in 1993, and Gatekeeper, between San Diego and Tijuana, the following year. A US border patrol agent stands near a section of the US-Mexico border fence. Photograph: John Moore/Getty 

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Special Report: Brazil's "gringo" problem: its borders - Reuters 13 Apr 2012 For the first 500 years of brazil's history, pretty much anything that wanted to cross its borders could do so in relative peace, whether cattle, Indians or intrepid explorers. Coronel Joao Henrique Marinho of the brazilian border police gives an interview to Reuters near the border with Bolivia in Caceres, Mato Grosso State, February 9, 2012. REUTERS/Nacho Doce. That era is “Maybe if we built a wall, like the United States has (with Mexico),” he said.“Maybe then we 

History of gardening - Wikipedia Andrew Jackson Downing and Frederick Law Olmsted adapted European forms for North America, especially influencing the design of public parks, campuses and suburban landscapes. Olmsted's influence extended well into the 20th century. The 20th century saw the influence of modernism in the garden: from the articulate clarity of Thomas Church to the bold colors and forms of the brazilian Roberto Burle Marx. Environmental consciousness and sustainable design practices, such