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Our Composite Decking Accessories Envision® Decking Complete your envision® composite deck with accessories that enhance the look and feel of your deck. Our envision® decking accessories are designed specifically to complement our composite lumber and railing systems – providing a function and visual appeal. You picked the boards and railing, where beautiful things happen: Time to tie it all together. EverClip™ HIDDEN FASTENERS · COLOR MATCH DECK screws. SKIRTING. POST CAPS & RAILING. EVERCLIP. Hidden 

TAMKO® Launches New Logo For Envision® Composite Decking TAMKO® Launches New Logo For envision® composite Decking Line Monday September 26, 2016 PRESS RELEASES. The new logo is a prelude to growth for the envision<sup>®</sup> line and the latest improvement in TAMKO's renewed composite decking focus. TAMKO Building Products, Inc. has launched a new logo for its envision<sup>®</sup> composite decking line, creating a new visual identity for the brand as it approaches its five year anniversary. The logo for TAMKO's classic composite&nbsp;

Envision® & Evergrain® Deck Screws - Building a Deck TAMKO® envision<sup>®</sup> & EverGrain<sup>®</sup> composite Deck screws are made with the same great quality that you expect from TAMKO®'s line of exquisite composite, outdoor decking. And like our aesthetically superior composite lumber, the envision<sup>®</sup> & EverGrain<sup>®</sup> composite Deck screws come in an array of colors to match whatever style of deck boards you've selected for your home, whether you've selected our pleasing envision Distinction® in spiced teak or greywood, or our EverGrain<sup>®</sup> in cedar&nbsp;

EverClip Application Instructions (web).indd - Envision® decking “TAMKO” means TAMKO Building Products, Inc. “TAMKO Products” means EverGrain®. envision®. Decking, EverGrain®. Decking, EverClip™. Hidden. Fasteners, EG 1•2•3 Hidden Fasteners, EverGrain®. envision® composite Deck screws, EverGrain® composite. Deck screws, MARQUEE Railing and TAM-RAIL Railing. “Term” means the period of time this Limited Warranty lasts. The Term begins on the date of Purchase and continues, unless sooner terminated, for the applicable.

Expression Decking Specs TAMKO Envision Decking Representation of these colors is as accurate as modern technology will permit. As with any composite product, color variations will occur. View several full length pieces of material prior to selection and installation. Colors will usually weather to a lighter shade within the first several months of exposure to the RELATED ACCESSORIES. envision<sup>®</sup> & EverGrain<sup>®</sup>composite Decking screws. EG 1•2•3 Fastener. EverClip<sup>™</sup> Hidden Fastener. Approved Fasteners: Cortex, TCG, & Camo&nbsp;

Evergrain Decking Specifications TAMKO Envision Decking Pick from four multi-tinged color options within the EverGrain line, each that emulates the natural coloring found in the trees in your backyard to the most exotic trees. Where no two boards look exactly the same – from browns, to reds and even greys – the EverGrain line fits your tastes without the frustration of staining your wooden deck boards. *Before making your purchase, view several full length boards. Representation of these colors is as accurate as modern technology will permit.

TAMKO® Announces Expanded Line of Envision® Composite TAMKO® Announces Expanded Line of envision® composite Lumber Offering Thursday October 6, 2016 PRESS RELEASES. TAMKO<sup>®</sup> is expanding its envision<sup>®</sup> line of capped decking boards by introducing a line of solid color boards– “envision Expression<sup>™</sup>” –and renaming the current envision<sup>®</sup> bold, variegated board “envision Distinction<sup>™</sup>.” BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – October 6, 2016 – TAMKO<sup>®</sup> is expanding its envision<sup>®</sup> line of capped decking boards by introducing a line&nbsp;

Our Company - Composite Decking Envision® Decking Since TAMKO®'s founder E.L. Craig began selling shingles in Joplin, Missouri, in 1944, TAMKO® has been a great example of the progress and innovation in the building products industries. Through our dedication to quality products and excellent customer service, TAMKO® grew from a small roofing company to a nationally-recognized provider of a wide variety of building products. We brought our passion for quality products to the creation of our beautiful envision® composite&nbsp;

Instructions to Install Envision® 1" × 6" Decking as Skirting When pre-drilling, we recommend that the drill bit diameter be the same diameter as the fastener shank. Be careful not to overdrive the fastener; the head of the screw should be flush with the deck surface. Decking must be attached using two fasteners every 16-inches at minimum on a solid surface. The required fastener must be a minimum #8 × 2-1/2" or longer wood/composite deck screw. Fasteners must be spaced at a minimum of 3/4" from the end of the board and 1" from the edge.