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Building on Sloping Site - City of Gold Coast 4. Matching building design to suit the degree of slope. Extreme slope. For slopes more than 33 per cent, suspended or pole construction techniques are required. This degree of slope is more suited to a downslope configuration. Driveway access is Steep slope. For slopes between 20 and 33 per cent, post and beam construction should be used which steps with the site. This may include a lower part level with a concrete slab. Single slab on ground construction should not be used.

46 best Sloping Ground Homes images on Pinterest Home ideas Casa Gotmar 138 Stands Elegant on a Sloped Landscape. Architecture ModelsArchitecture Interior DesignMaquette ArchitectureFacade ArchitectureLandscape ArtLandscape ModelLandscape on A Slopehouse on A Hillhouses on Slopes. Sliding wooden doors and wooden screened windows are used in an extensive way to make the house naturally well lit and aerated.

Building a Home on a Sloped Lot - Log Home Living Building on a sloped lot is fairly common, but don't overlook these requirements when designing log homes. I've heard it'll cost a fortune to build up the ground for a slab foundation. Would I save more Our lot has a 15 percent slope. Does this type of grade require a special type of home design? A 15 percent slope means that, for every 100 feet of horizontal distance, elevation changes 15 feet. This may not seem like a lot, but let's consider how this affects your foundation. Imagine 

Design Ideas for Sloping Sites Homebuilding & Renovating 25 Sep 2012 Consider bolt-on balconies and consider also whether the ground has to be level at the front and whether stairs up one side to an entrance on the middle level might not look better. Sites that slope away from the road suffer from being unable to advertise the full extent of their accommodation. If a five bedroom house looks like a small bungalow from the road, potential buyers might be put off coming in, and even if you do get them in, might opt for a property with more 

Sloped Lot House Plans & Daylight Basement Associated Designs Sloped Lot house plans are designed to meet the needs of challenging downhill or uphill building lots, and for those looking to include a daylight basement in their home. Associated Designs collection offers a variety of styles, sizes and services to assist you with the home you are searching for.

Hillside Home Plans at eplans Floor Plan Designs for Sloped Sloped lot plans at eplans are usually designed to incorporate a walk-out basement, making the most of usable space and providing an unobstructed view of the well manicured landscape, while allowing natural light to brighten the lower level. Sloped lot plans also feature front-facing garage bays and storage space on the lower level. Sloped lot house plans take full advantage of their asymmetrical design, creating unique indoor/outdoor spaces that elevate your standard of 

Sloping Lot (Up Hill) Plans - Stock Home Plans for Every Style - Your Results 1 - 12 of 59 Garage Side house plans · Garage Under house plans · Great Room Floor plans · Luxury Home Designs · Master Bedroom Main Floor · Narrow Lot house plans · sloping Lot (Down Hill) plans · sloping Lot (Side Hill) plans · sloping Lot (Up Hill) plans · Small house plans · Split Level Home Designs · Tri Level Home Designs · Vacation house plans · View Lot (Front) plans · View Lot (Rear) plans · Wide Lot house plans. sloping LOT (UP HILL) planS. Results: 

How to Build on a Sloping Site Homebuilding & Renovating of building on steeply sloping land is to build out from it on a series of supporting stilts or columns. This gets away from the need to build extensive foundations on sloping ground and it negates the need for tanking. It also leaves the ground relatively untouched, allowing planting to take place over much more of the site. In certain situations it can be the cost effective solution and there is no reason why it cannot be employed with multiple level designs.

Sloped Lot House Plans - Floorplans house plans for sloped lots (also called sloping lot house plans or hillside house plans) are family friendly and deceptively large. These homes appear to have only one or two stories from the front façade but are significantly larger from the rear. As the lot slopes away from the house, space is provided for a lower level that leads directly into the backyard. A deck is often overhead, where the first floor outdoor living space resides. The lower level usually only has windows on the rear