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Construction Mats - Axion Structural Innovations STRUXURE® Construction Mats are engineered using our patented Recycled Structural composite (RSC) formula – making them extremely strong, durable and impervious to rot, fungus, insects, and moisture. STRUXURE® Construction Mats are ideal in wet or harsh-temperature environments and are resistant to abrasion and tread-wear. They are an excellent and cost-effective, long-term solution. STRUXURE® Construction Mats will not gain weight, warp, or lose strength when wet 

IntegriCo Composites It's time for the next generation of railroad ties. Demand for freight transportation is projected to double by 2035. Yet, much of the global aging rail infrastructure is built with wood that requires high maintenance, frequent replacement and the use of chemicals to prevent fast deterioration. At IntegriCo composites, we're committed to building the rail future with the next generation of composite rail ties or “sleepers” made from landfill-bound recyclable plastics. Utilizing our unique patented 

Composite railroad ties multiply in metro commuter rail line AXION, which uses recycled plastics and composites to manufacture ECOTRAX railroad ties, has received two recent orders for ties from Miami-Dade County in Florida and Dallas Area Rapid Transit in Texas. News Post: 3/18/2013. Related Topics: Construction & Infrastructure · Mass Transit. AXION (New Providence, N.J.) announced several new contracts for its ECOTRAX rail ties, which are extruded with its patented recycled structural composite (RSC) material. The company 

They've Been Working on the Railroad : Plastics Technology Related Suppliers. PlastiComp, Inc. For a decade, processors have pursued the vision of a bonanza in HDPE composite railroad ties. They dream about the annual replacement volume for wooden ties: In the U.S. alone, that amounts to 15 million ties, worth roughly $500 million. Marine pilings and bridge cladding use similar high-strength composites and have a comparably bullish outlook. The Army, Navy, and Coast Guard each have annual multi-million-dollar budgets to replace 

Plastic Railroad Ties Plastic Railroad Ties Manufacturers Plastic railroad ties. Knowing how much plastic is being used and discarded each year, and knowing that plastic is not biodegradable, we are proud of the fact that we have found an echo- friendly way to keep vast amounts of plastic out of landfills. As plastic railroad ties manufacturers our patented technology mixes extremely tough, landfill-bound, plastics that can't even be processed by our competitors, making our railroad ties the strongest, “Greenest“, longest lasting ties on the 

about axion - Axion Structural Innovations AXION controls and assures the manufacturing quality each and every step of the way from raw materials, to manufacturing, to the final finished product shipped to our customers around the world. AXION's product manufacturing team is led by our Director of Quality, Director of Manufacturing, and Director of Materials Sourcing. By addressing and implementing accurate testing methods, controlling the quality of supplied and blended material sources, and reducing variation, AXION 

Plastic Composite Wood Core Railroad Ties 270lbs Near Given the hazards of wood treated with preservatives such as creosote, many rail companies have begun replacing their wood railroad ties with composite railroad ties made without creosote. The frequent use of wood in sleeper ties means that the majority of rail ties currently in use are susceptible to insect attack, specifically termite damage. With millions of wood sleeper ties in use throughout the world, many railroad companies end up spending thousands of dollars each year 

industries - Axion Structural Innovations Our ECOTRAX® Brand composite railroad ties and STRUXURE® Brand composite Building Products are sold and installed in applications across the United States and around the world. Well established in the railroad industry, from Class-1 heavy axle load and mass transit lines to switch ties, road crossings, and tunnel ties – AXION's ECOTRAX® composite railroad ties are installed in-track around the planet. We are the Associations: AXION is a registered Federal Supplier 

Railroad Tie Company Railroad Tie Manufacturer Narstco NARSTCO is proudly North America's leading railroad tie company of steel railroad tie and manufacturer of track turnout sets installed with less cost. NARSTCO stands alone as the leading railroad tie company and supplier of steel turnout sets in North America. A railroad tie/railway tie or As of January 2008, the approximate market share in North America for traditional and wood ties was 91.5%, the remainder being concrete, steel, azobé (red ironwood) and plastic composite.

Rail Insider-Concrete and composite tie suppliers' take on 2016 article about: concrete ties, composite ties, rail ties, rail-tie market, L.B. Foster, CXT Inc., Steve Burgess, PCM Rail. The company's main North American customer is Union Pacific railroad, but Rail. The slowdown may be impacting the composite-tie sector, as well, but two suppliers say business has been pretty good this year — it's “up” for Axion Structural Innovations, due to a steady increase in orders for ties used in special trackwork, says William Jordan, vice president for 

Railway Tie Manufacturer Railroad Tie Supplier - Narstco Railway ties. NARSTCO is proudly North America's leading railway ties supplier of steel railroad ties and turnouts. We hold the No.1 market share of steel railway tie products supply in North America. NARSTCO has earned this position through a dedication to provide our customers with As of January 2008, the approximate market share in North America for traditional and wood ties was 91.5%, the remainder being concrete, steel, azobé (red ironwood) and plastic composite.

Composite Railroad Ties Axion Structural Innovations Recycled composite railroad ties by Axion Structural Innovations - called ECOTRAX® composite railroad ties - are manufactured and sold by Axion Structural Innovations. Axion Structural Innovations's patented formula uses 100% recycled materials. Axion Structural Innovations - an engineered composite rail tie company - also manufactures and sells STRUXURE® composite Infrastructure Products, a line of composite building products that include: Marine Pilings, Boards, and I-Beams.