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Driveway Designs and Driveway Pattern Idea Marshalls As with garden and patio paving, block paving and setts can be laid in a variety of patterns to create simple or stunning driveway designs. Depending on the driveway product, a wide variety of designs are available, again the greater the number of block sizes used in the design, the greater the number of laying patterns there are to choose from. All Marshalls block paving laying patterns are categorised into 4 groups, as defined by the filters below. These include random course, 

Black cab mounts pavement and ploughs into pedestrians in - Metro 1 Nov 2017 People have reportedly been seen running down The Strand near London's Covent garden as a black cab mounted the pavement. Witnesses say the car 'ploughed into people' on Southampton Street

Permeable Pavement - Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District Permeable pavement is a valuable option in a stormwater management plan. It is effective not only in reducing runoff but can also be designed as a stand alone water quality BMP. Efficient site planning can be maximized by combining uses such as utilizing permeable pavement for code mandated paved areas and to also provide water quality. Stand alone BMP designs shall be capable of capturing and treating the required water quality volume, removing required 80% of total 

Cleveland WPC » WPC Green Projects The project includes a bioswale, two rain gardens, pervious concrete and asphalt pavements and a 15,000 gallon water re-use system that harvests rain water for landscaping and washing the division's vehicles. The stormwater managment techniques incorporate low impact System Communities Address Non-Point Source Pollution Deputy Commissioner Zoghaib talks about how the City of Cleveland handles the challenges of Stormwater Management in a large metropolitan area.

Terracotta & Stone – Metro Floor This inimitable product blends the tradition of hand made cotto with the advantages of technological innovation and design research. With an eye to the future, this terracotta collection draws from the values of Italy's craftsmanship tradition and the culture of old cotto. metro Floor offers all the styles, ranges, formats, surface finishes and colour options of terracotta floor tiles, wall tiles and special pieces designed to cover a wide range of uses, for your outside gardens, pavements, decks 

Guide to nature-friendly development Metro Find low-impact projects in the Portland region with Connect the Drops. A map and 22-page database, it catalogs site names and addresses of swales, rain gardens, wetlands, stormwater planters and porous pavements. The Green Design Atlas maps commercial buildings and sustainable site development in the Portland region. Details include names of property owners, contractors, architects, and images. Searches can be tailored to various LEED statuses or types of projects.

Asphalt Boral A leader in asphalt paving, pavement construction and maintenance; national supplier of asphalt products and materials for surfacing and maintenance of road networks with high standard of engineering expertise; road technology, product durability, quality and technical service.

Permeable Pavement Maintenance Metro Blooms 22 Dec 2016 Preventative maintenance – Keep your pavement clean, both the permeable pavers AND the areas draining to them. Try to keep leaves, dirt and sand from accumulating on your drive. Keep adjacent landscape areas well maintained and prevent soil from being washed onto pavement. The cleaner you can keep the surface the less likely your pavers will clog resulting is less paver maintenance. Rich Harrison of metro Blooms at a Blooming Alley maintenance training.

Porous Pavement - Oregon Metro 20 May 2014 What is porous pavement? • metro Definition: Surface to walk, drive or park on that reduces stormwater runoff by allowing water to soak into the ground. • Examples include permeable pavers, pervious concrete, porous asphalt, and Tested 1998) - Firm,. Stable, and Slip Resistant. • Dust Free. • Large, Flexible Rolls for Easy Installation. Gravel Flexible Pervious. Pavement. Competitive Features. National garden, United States Botanic. gardens, Washington D.C..

People are chucking Christmas trees in the street (but here's - Metro 8 Jan 2018 People are chucking Christmas trees in the street to kill off any remaining festive spirit. Discarded Christmas tree left on the pavement in north London (Picture: WENN). garden centres are often more than happy to take away old trees. They put them to good use by turning them into wood chippings other people can put into their gardens. According to the Local Government Association, it costs the taxpayer around £100 for every 40 Christmas trees sent to landfill.

Pavement Removal - Prince George's County, MD What is pavement removal? Pavement removal is the replacement of impervious surfaces, such as asphalt and concrete, with grass or native plants or with permeable pavement and/or pavers. Instead of seeping through the soil (infiltrating) and replenishing groundwater, rainfall that hits driveways, sidewalks runoff typically enters the storm drain system (underground pipes that carry stormwater to streams) replacing paved areas with a rain garden or other landscaping features.

Leicester Square could soon look quite different Metro News 12 Dec 2017 Before the Olympics there was a big redevelopment programme for the square, with £17 million spent on transforming the gardens, fountains and adding granite paving. James Robinson, head of strategy & development at the Heart of London Business Alliance, told the paper: 'The days when it was an area of big nightclubs has gone now, but people who have not been back to Leicester Square for some time do have these lingering perceptions and we realise we