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New South Wales Convict Voyages Female convicts were allowed on deck far more frequently than men, and convict transports carrying women were not accompanied by a military guard. Though their journey only took half the time, emigrant As a land without commercial industry, and with transportation there incurring substantial costs for the British government, the main aim of the penal colony in the early years was to become a self-sufficient agricultural settlement. Governor Arthur Phillip instructed convicts to clear 

The Kafka Project English In the Penal Colony (transl. by Ian Of course, interest in the execution was not very high, not even in the penal colony itself. At least, here in the small, deep, sandy valley, closed in on all sides by barren slopes, apart from the Officer and the Traveler there were present only the Condemned, a vacant-looking man with a broad mouth and dilapidated hair and face, and the Soldier, who held the heavy chain to which were connected the small chains which bound the Condemned Man by his feet and wrist bones, as well as 

The inmates preparing to leave Russia's toughest prison – in pictures 5 Jan 2016 In 1997 Moscow suspended the death penalty. Next year, the first men to benefit from that moratorium will be released after 25 years in the Black Eagle penal colony. Russia Beyond the Headlines met them.