how to cut wpc flooring omanyte

WPC: Common ways to lay it down - Floor Covering News 31 Jul 2017 Helpful hint: When laying flooring, stagger end joints from row to row by at least 8 inches (20 cm) for planks, and equal to 12 inches (51 cm or a half piece) for tiles. For plank installations, you can use the cut-off end to begin the next row when cutting the last plank in a row to fit. If the cut-off end is less than 8 inches, discard it and instead cut a new plank at a random length (at least 8 inches in length) and use it to start the next row. For tile installations, always begin a 

WPC Vinyl Plank Installation Guide – Universal Flooring Supply wpc Vinyl Planks should only be installed after other trades have finished and the jobsite has been cleaned and cleared of debris that could potentially damage a finished plank installation. Inspect flooring for damage, defects, or shading issues before installation; claims for visual defects will not be accepted after cutting and/or installed. Mix and install planks from several different cartons during installation to ensure a random appearance. Leave 1/4 inch (6.35mm) for expansion