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4 Best Basement Flooring Options Ideas & What to Avoid - Floor 24 Mar 2017 Floor Tiles with a Vapor Barrier. The best flooring for a basement is one that addresses most, if not all of the issues surrounding basements. And floor tiles with built-in vapor barriers may do just that. These tiles come in many different varieties. You can choose either carpet tiles or ones that mimic different natural stones. They have molded plastic bases that raise the tiles slightly off of the concrete slab. This allows the concrete floor beneath them to breathe. By using 

Rubber, Foam and Plastic Flooring For Basements - Greatmats By Kim Butler Has your basement become a dumping ground, filled with old exercise equipment, christmas decor and your children's toys, from a decade ago? Or do you avoid the space because you can't stand that damp, cold feeling when you walk on bare concrete? There is no need to move to get more space - just rethink your basement. We'll leave the organization to Marie Kondo, but if you want to spruce up that lower level, start at the bottom with new flooring. Since basements 

Basement Flooring Options- Best Ideas to Finish a Basement Results 1 - 23 of 41 Typically this is due to basements being either below or near the water table. Water is the number one killer of floors and basements are the number one crime scene. The only way we can turn this trend around is to put in flooring that can stand strong against this tidal wave of crime and fear. Floors that we offer at RubberflooringInc that are certain to withstand this wave are vinyl, carpet, foam, rubber and plastic. All of these flooring types feature properties that allow 

Basement Flooring 101 - Bob Vila The air gap between the installed flooring and foundation slab encourages moisture to dissipate. Various companies sell waterproofing membranes that work on this principle; dimpled plastic matting is a popular design. basement flooring - Vapor Barrier Subfloor. Photo: bakerswaterproofing. Also available are basement flooring tiles with a built-in vapor barrier. Topped by decorative vinyl squares or carpeting, these tiles feature molded plastic bases that enable the concrete slab 

LVT Flooring and Luxury Vinyl Tiles - Place N' Go™ Place N' Go™ is the residential line of our top performing interlocking flooring that is adhesive-free and easy to install even on basement floors. Place N' Go™ flooring is made with a resilient recycled plastic that resists moisture and installs easily over a variety of problem subfloors, including old basement floor substrates. Our modular flooring is certified MAS Green. Only products that pass the stringent MAS tests can display the MAS Certified Green logo. This logo is your assurance 

Raised Flooring is a Great Solution for Damp Basements - Greatmats There are several methods of battling the problem of basement moisture, including landscaping, creating vapor barriers and raised floors. While proper landscaping can direct rain water away from your house, it doesn't always solve the problem of water vapor. In extreme cases, such as flooding, a sump pump may be a necessity. Vapor barriers typically involve sealing your concrete walls and/or floor with coatings of paint or adhesives. It can also involve large sheets of felt or plastic.

ThermalDry™ Basement Flooring System Basement Systems All ThermalDry® flooring tiles share the same 12-in.-square shape and snap-together design. The high-density PVC plastic used to form the body of ThermalDry® flooring tiles is strong, durable and immune to moisture damage. The underside of each ThermalDry® tile features nubbed construction to create a drainage plane as well as a thermal break to shield your feet from the cold concrete floor. You can choose from several styles of ThermalDry® basement flooring. Surface finishes 

ThermalDry Floor Tiles: Basement Flooring Systems The first rule we established for our basement flooring was simple: It should never, ever be damaged by water or moisture of any sort; and it shouldn't support mold growth. Right away we had to rule out all wood products. Our sure bet for a totally waterproof, mold-hostile material was premium-grade PVC (polyvinyl chloride), the same impervious plastic used to make plumbing pipes. Our flooring isn't just waterproof. It's also strong, durable, flexible and stain-resistant as close as you 

Basement Flooring - Waterproof and Rubber : Greatmats Products 1 - 48 of 408 flooring for for basements is also made of a wide variety of materials, including plastic, rubber, foam, carpet, vinyl, and cork, each of which are designed to handle the specific challenges of basement environments. You will find a number of water resistant or waterproof products, and many tiles have a raised flooring feature to allow air to circulate beneath the floors. Nearly all of our basement flooring features a modular design that can be removed and reinstalled 

Best Basement Flooring Options DIY One method is to install a vapor barrier under your flooring. Sheet plastic is a good barrier, or you might seal the slab with paint or epoxy coating made specifically for damp concrete walls and floors. Another way is to raise the floor with a waterproof subfloor. The system is made of interlocking plastic tiles that are elevated on grids. The grids create an air space below the floor that dissipates moisture and keeps your basement flooring warmer than if it's in direct contact with concrete.

Laminate Flooring In a Basement Setting - The Spruce 3 Nov 2017 Cut plastic garbage bags into squares, and then tape them to the floor in various places around the basement. Then leave them for three days. At the end of that time, lift the squares to see if moisture has accumulated on the bottom of the plastic. If it has, your basement may be too moist for a laminate flooring installation. More advanced moisture tests use chemicals to detect the presence of liquids. Others require you to chisel a hole into the concrete and use an 

Vinyl Flooring for Basements - The Spruce 7 Sep 2017 Vinyl is largely made of plastic, which makes it water-resistant. Does that mean it's waterproof? Some manufacturers may use this term, but cautious builders almost never use it. This is because there really are very few materials that aren't damaged by water. That said, quality vinyl flooring is pretty darned close, making it an excellent choice for covering a concrete floor. This is especially important in below-grade basement locations, which are prone to water damage