plastic wood structural lumber sheet

TANGENT - PolyForce™ Structural Recycled Plastic Lumber PolyForce™ structural RECYCLED plastic lumber is designed to be customized to meet individual strength and load bearing requirements for a variety of product and component needs. Based upon your specific structural requirement, PolyForce can be formulated precisely with various loading levels of reinforcing fibers and other proprietary ingredients to meet your light to medium duty commercial or industrial applications. For the most demanding structural applications, 

Plastic Wood Lumber Frequently Asked Questions Recycled Wood The materials may be *recycled to some extent containing postindustrial and or post-consumer and sometimes virgin plastic. This allows them to fall into a composite type product category, however what separates them from other “composite” products is that typically plastic lumber contains no wood fillers, or mineral by-products and as a result it carries a much longer warranty, up to 50 YEARS. Further, the structural plastic lumber materials can be utilized for engineered girders, 

PolyTuf™ TANGENT's Recycled Furniture Grade Plastic Lumber PolyTuf™ PREMIUM RECYCLED plastic lumber is our non-structural product brand which is sold directly to our "business to business" OEM customers. These customers You need plastic lumber sheet to match the color and finish of your standard shapes? Multiple sheet widths Tangent's Exotic Collection is the result of a "patent pending" process which allows customized multi-tones on the surface along with wood grain rings of colors in the core. When fabricated and 

Plastic Lumber Sizes American Recycled Plastic Lumber & Wood Available lumber Sizes. PLEASE NOTE: Maximum lengths apply to molded grade only, extruded is continuous and limited only by transportation methods. Non-traditional profiles also exist and custom tooling fabrication-design services are available. Actual dimensions may vary slightly between grades. lumber Size. Molded. Extruded. structural. Premium. Industrial. Fiberglass Rod. 2 1/2” Round. Mld. S. P. 4” Round. Mld. S. P. I. 6" Round. Mld. Ext. S. P. I. 9” Round. Mld. S. P.

Recycled Plastic Lumber - PlasTEAK Inc. PlasTEAK Trim lumber Specifications sheet · PlasTEAK Trim lumber MSDS · PlasTEAK Molded lumber Specifications sheet · PlasTEAK Molded lumber MSDS · Order lumber Samples. In addition to being eco-friendly, recycled plastic provides numerous advantages when compared to other materials from non-renewable sources such as wood: Recycled plastic lumber is long lasting and virtually maintenance free; Recycled plastic lumber can be cut and shaped with normal 

Structural Plastic Lumber Recycled Plastic Lumber & Plastic Boards structural lumber. Versatile and durable, structural plastic lumber offers an alternative to treated wood and is ideal for heavy commercial infrastructure projects such as bridges, marine applications, boardwalks, docks, piers and fendering systems. This material performs especially well in extreme salt, sun, and corrosive type environments. Can be wet set directly into concrete! Use standard woodworking tools, fasteners, and connectors see: https://strongtie/ (Subject to 

Structural Grade Black Rhino structural Grade. structural Grade recycled plastic lumber is made from FIBERGLASS REINFORCED recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic --- the type of plastic that comes from milk jugs and detergent bottles. Our products do NOT contain wood. USE: Exterior construction projects requiring ENHANCED strength and durability -- bridges, decks, docks, retaining walls, boardwalks, and more. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: ***Offers maximum strength and rigidity with the use 

Mechanical properties: wood lumber versus plastic lumber and The data were collected from books, scientific papers and manufacturers' websites and technical data sheets, and subsequently compiled and presented in Ashby plots and bar graphs. The high values of the compressive Manufacturers sell plastic lumber products, claiming they are more durable, safer and need less maintenance than wood products and can therefore effectively be substituted into non-structural or semi-structural components. In addition, because plastic lumber is